No Turning Back – No Time To Waste Lyrics

What I did was a waste, that is what you said
Of time, of life, of chances that I had
20 years down the road and I’m still here
Keeping true to myself, staying sincere

This true love it never left my heart
Like the ink in my skin I’m here to stay
I live this life every day from the start
Stop trying to break me I’m doing it my own way

20 years down the road an I am still here
Living life like there’s no time to waste

True to myself, keeping my mind clear
Love my family and the friends that I made

The beautiful lies is what you’ve told me
The horrible truth right back in your face
My revenge is a right, the damage is done
And nothing remains
From the ashes I rose, holding on
Stronger than ever and I won’t stop
No regrets for what’s in the past
True spirit remains
I will never give up

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