Noah – Love & Hate Lyrics

I almost lost my mind
Lost in a struggle
Lost a few friends
Never lost my hustle
I’m too subtle
I cried tears of joy and left a puddle

I got a heart full of hope
A mind full of faith
But a soul full of trouble
I almost made a deal with the devil
For a couple of shining cars
And a crib out the ghetto
Plan me like Geppetto
Pull on my strings
Giving me things I dreamed of since I was 14
Sure thing, temptations poison my body
p*ssy, power and drugs, the evils inside me

f*ck that, I’m battlin’ back

Fighting the addictions of fast living
Cheating on good women
Know I’m a good Christian
On the conditions I know I made f*cked up decisions
So what the f*ck am I kidding
I know my future’s already written
And my sins are unforgiving
To tell the truth, shit we all sinning
So who are you to judge how I’m living
Now everybody is a critic
Tell you how do it
But they never did it
Now everybody is a critic
Tell you how to do it
But they ain’t never did it

Love hate, yeah

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