Noxious Emotion – LoveShocked Lyrics

Chest pains
Alcohol poisoned
Pretending nothing is wrong
I’m young enough to rebound
Is that how Jimmy felt?
f*ck this shit
It hurts trying to sleep
Awake til 3 a.m
The noises bumping in my room
Louder in my head
Resistance to surroundings
Body’s non-resistant mold breaking in on itself
Decayed cardiac arrest
The pulsing beat soothes this burning chest pain

Yellow liver
Diseased, nicotine coated mucus cough
Get me back on the track
Take this beer from my hand
Over my dead body
This disease is part of me
Nailing shut my coffin with tar and nicotine
A caffine enriched nightmare
Muscle spasm twitch…stop
The blood ceases to flow
Blackout of vision
Fading to black again
Then nothing infinite nothing

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