Noxious Emotion – Smell: The Stench Of Death Lyrics

Trauma, with a hold in my chest
With a bruise on my heart
Grabbing to keep from spinning
It comes and it goes
Nausea, my mouth runs dry
A dizzy connection
A dizzy confusion
Fatigue, then blood without oxygen
A punctured lung frothing
And abnormal submission authorized
Inhilated and intibated contusion
A crushing blow
Near to death
Not expected to live

I can smell the dried blood in my mouth
And I can feel the numbness start to begin
I can sense my life is running out
And I can smell the stench of death closing in
Blood coughed up through the tube in my mouth
Fading to nothing
Please help me
I am afraid
I am alone
Strength to live leaving me
Lost to all choking and coughing

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