Offset Whisk Cardi B & Kulture Off To An Island For A Valentine’s Day Baecation

Offset whisk away Cardi B and their daughter Kulture to the Caribbean for Valentine’s Day vacation.

While most of us are gifting our significant others with jewelry, roses, and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, Offset sets the bar to a whole new level when he surprised his wife Cardi B with a vacation to the island. Sources told Urban Islandz that the Migos rapper had been planning the trip for a while and kept it a secret from Cardi until days before leaving.

We’re told that Set rented out a private villa decked out with hundreds of red roses and completed with a 24-hour staff, including personal chefs and babysitters. Offset also got a ton of gifts for both Cardi B and their daughter Kulture that he will be giving them on Sunday, when they celebrate Valentine’s Day and will have a private dinner.

The Bronx rapper gave fans a tour of their private villa in a series of videos posted on her Instagram Story. She was evidently swept off her feet by the Atlanta trapper. “You did this for me babe?” she asked, to which he replied, “Yes.” She later added, “This is so beautiful. I feel loved, guys.”

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Set also shared a clip of himself and Kulture walking on the white sandy beach. It’s clear that he’s enjoying the warm Caribbean weather, which is a far cry from the cold weather in Atlanta currently.

Offset and Cardi B are in a great place right now following a near divorce in September last year when she abruptly filed for divorce in Atlanta. The pair once again managed to patch things up and have been quietly working on their marriage since then.

Cardi tweeted that she forgot to bring her Old Bay on the trip with her. No, she isn’t talking about her ex; she means the iconic Old Bay seasoning.

Sooo mad ain’t bring old bay to this trip ????Only fucckin thing missing -_-

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) February 13, 2021

Check out some of the footage from theor vacation.

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