O’hene Savant – Comedy And Tragedy Lyrics

Bless the planet I came from
And the land I was raised on
That’s the ground of my fathers
And the place they took slaves from
I pirate back from the pirates
Online attack with the virus
I cyber hack for the righteous
My sight is from my third iris
I plead the blood of Sojourner
Think the thoughts of Nat Turner
Read the gospel of Thomas
So I’m sure that we can go further
Known for teaching y’all greatness
I am reincarnated

Unenlightened will hate this
Face it they stuck in the matrix
Need O just like they need Ne-Yo
Reborn on every LP though
Their leaders buildin’ torpedoes
Death and pain where they lead folk
They preach the way of destruction
Military production
Spontaneous combustion
Concussion over discussion
Your idols really just idols
Statues that’s why they just idle
Chess pieces part of a puzzle
Don’t let the fireworks blind you

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