Oketo – Like A Child Lyrics

[Instrumental A]

[Verse 1]
Young as smoke that slips away
Just let me find my innocence, Desire to be a child again
Retrace reason, simple thinking, I know we will find the meaning
Memory is not in season this is just a time for bleeding
Your best at Cheating on yourself, Go to Hell

[Instrumental Pre-Chorus]

Waste me I’m a child, Weary idle wild
Dull this Drunken Dream
Widows will see shadows, weeping with the willows
Closing off my King
You are dust, Just waiting to rust

[Instrumental A]

[Verse 2]
Were all sleeping children caught in lifeless forms of living

Your eyes won’t leave the screen, just deleted by the scenes
Losing me, Needing you, Filling the void that was found in you
Just Love me like you used to
Putting on a face we found on our feet, words from our fingers will never complete
Limiting letting it linger and loosen
Patience is Pennies Pendulum Pixels

[Instrumental Pre-Chorus]

[Chorus 2]
Like a Child Like a Child You will always be a child
Dull this Drunken Dream

Just have fun in your hell don’t you rust in that cell
You are just a memory now

Now you see how I burn

Don’t you be scared to learn

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