Orleans – Love Takes Time Lyrics

I saw a twinkle in her eye
It lit a fire deep inside
But it burned so wild and strong
I knew it wouldn’t last for long

‘Cause love takes time
And it’s hard to find
You gotta take some time
To let love grow

I saw a shooting star go by
It blazed a path across the sky
But the beauty did not last, no
Some things just happen all to fast


Well some think love’s a game

You play for a night or two
But I think that’s a shame
‘Cause I know that in the end
They’re bound to lose


Oh love takes time
I said that it’s hard to find
Oh, just take your time
And love will grow
If we really want our love to grow
We gotta take it slow, whoa

Love takes time
Yes it’s hard to find
Baby love takes time
Yours and mine, whoa

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