Papoose – Billionaire Lyrics

I gotta get a big bag out this rap shit before it's all over
Gotta hurry up time's against me i'm getting older
I had my fun already I'm doing this for my kids
We ain't billionares yet that's not how we 'posed to live (nah)
My cousin died when i got signed I saw him smile
I'd be wondering what would he say if he saw me now
Rapping city moving bricks in the street that's what i doubt
If they moving so much bricks in the street why is it a drought (why)
I did it my way not those fools' way
Life is a one-way street it's not no two-way
You violate I [?] those two spray
You see more shells than LeBron James (taco tuesday)

This is circus clowning
Versus talent disperse and balance
Just [?] savage
You herbs embarass
Your work is average
You rehearse your ballot
Worthless bastard
Emerge with madness
Every verse is classic
The who got the most of verses challenge
I deserve my status
Serve my marriage and work with passion
It's the perfect balance
We the best I'm worse than Khaled
That's a nervous jacket
Bad dentist with purses flagging
Got the shirt to match it
Wearing dingy refurbished fashion
Most of words are factless
You should judge by person's actions
On their first reaction
Treating others like dirt and laughing
Gotta earn your passes
When they hurt we insert the sadness
He deserved what happened
Karma comes and reverse it backwards
Man i swerved a wagon (true)
Cracked the window you heard it cracking
Put the curtain back and
He hit the dirt when that burner clapped them (true)
I merge distractions
Disturb my glasses gave birth to ashes
Green in my eyes
Like Eric Sermon return to rapping
And I be hurt but rappers (yeah)

Search their stashes and Earth day caskets
Black ski mask
I wear a mask like a surgeon slasher (wow)
I'm a verb assassin
With your snakeish and serpent tactics
Smoking urban accent
You a headache I'm serving aspirin
You be lurking lacking
Talking 'bout me in certain captions
Trying to sub Papoose
But he ain't doctor [?]
Riding on 'em like Pac
When he was cripping with Suge
Jump you like ASAP
You think it's sweet in my hood
You be waisting your time worrying about other men
You [?] you be spreading yourself too motherf*cking thin
Tackle one thing at a time when i be hustling
Tunnel vision when I get focused man I be tunneling
Doing too many things at once
That's why you suffering
That's what clowns do
Now i understand why you juggling (clown)
Murder with the Inc. like Irv Gotti
Didn't get another pen
Claiming you not a mumble rapper
Then why you mumbling (wow)
Niggas cathing all of these cases
It's so disgusting
When they be back on the street
I think they work for the goverment (snitch)
Let's do a one take challenge
And see who f*cking win
Poor engineers
You rappers are always punching 'em
I heard it was him and his cousin
They say it wasn't him
Matter no it doesn't they're cousins
That mean it must have been (mmm)
A sucker tried to snuff me
I ducked it and touched his brothers' chin
Opened up his mouth and start to yelling
I stuck the musket in (damn)
Dusted off the buster and then I jumped on the Hutchinson
River Parkway in the chevy my mother rumbling
I want every chain designer frames with custom lens
Gucci links for the row is cubans and never tucked it

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