Papoose – Brave thinker


“Brave Thinker” Lyrics continue below:

A brave thinker no pay or refuse to pay cheaters
Fake journalists
Critics and false gate keepers
[?] a four hundred and sixty page reader
So much they think my name is Jenna dog lover
Protein, vitamin, healthy grain feeder, German shepherd
American bully great dem breeder
Glucosamine, [?] pain easer
I’m allergic to fake niggas, they give me hate fever
Call in crib, but that was dumb
I didn’t see her
Must’ve blue fuse, we plugged in too many space heaters
1.8 million followers on my page meter
To my followers, congrats, you had a great leader
Told the industry hey alpha best and explain deeper
Then I told them back, I feel like a first great teacher
Face ass challenge, the jump that you’ve become eager
You just authorized the Russian to own your face features
Picture like in Cleveland, [?] when they spend Jedi
Night turned to nightime , dog hustlers to day sleeper
Raining on a light tropical storm, hurricane Katrina
Tornado watch, the public about to blame FEMA

Lately I’ve been shitting on rappers
Number two: I’ve got one question, nigga
What you wana do? I won’t talk behind your back,
That’s what suckers do,
I’d rather find out where you at
And say I’m coming through
Drop tops, one red , other blue
Two V side by side , we’ve made a W
Said you gon’ let me be great
Who the fuck are you?
Man, you couldn’t stop me from being great if you wanted to
You could get all of this smack,
you might as well take
It’s me talking all of this CAP
Fake people hate to see you get out the bind
They want coin, they love it when you give out dimes
When y’all disagree, it always get outside ‘cause they’d be talking
Yeah, you know the big mouth kind
Cause instead of dealing with it, they on the big house vibe
On social media they got to send out signs
Live your best life, I’ma live out mine
I won’t bring dirt on your name, if we fell out fine
Scared to do a feature cause they‘re scared to get out shine
Live a minute, chalk trace with its flash outline
I heard [?]
Their hotel so much he got a ckeckout time.

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