Paris Texas – Heavy Metal Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I can’t chill with a bop or Bozo (Alright)
I’m the one dodging bullets in slow-mo (Okay)
Little bitch, you are not at a dojo (Kung fu)
You can’t kick it here, bitch, I am Jojo (Get out)
Bizarre how I move and I’m trippin’
Got these tabs on my tongue like a browser
Oh my God, Louis over there spittin’
He can beat up this beat for an hour
Bitch from the city of God
Everybody you know is a fraud
Man, I stink someone spray me a bod
I just wanted my father’s applause
I just wanted my mother’s applause
I just wanted these crackers’ applause
So I stand on the stage with the boys
So I stand on the stage with the boys

[Verse 2]
Blessed with my presence, say, “Thanks,” huh
Little bitch, what is your rank? Pff
Walk in my hood for a second
They might put you in the dirt, hah
Born this way must be a curse, hah
You dropped a song that’s the worst, hah

She don’t suck dick, that’s a first
Say she was playin’, then she go to work, hah
Aim for her mouth and I burst (Hahaha)
Like a gun or a semi
No, you ain’t f*ckin’ with me
Yeah, my girl’s hella pretty
Not saditty, they self-conscious
Insecure, real high emotions
Long acrylics to hit all them roaches
But I don’t give two f*cks that’s my bitch, mm
Ass so fat in them jeans, it might rip, mm
Wanna move to Atlanta then strip, hah
Hold your tongue with that menacin’ grip, mm
Got no semi, no Uzi, no clip, mm
Just a hundred fists jammin’ your shit, ayy
On your tombstone we pissin’, lil’ bitch, ayy
Since my skin been a solar eclipse, huh
Grab Orion belt or you get whipped, huh
You my son, you my child, you my kid
SSX, let’s get tricky, lil’ bitch, uh
Uber comin’, you leavin’, lil bitch, huh
You can’t get no high score in this shit

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