Patron Saint Of Bridge Burners – Knife Wound Lyrics

Come in, we’ve been expecting you
The war was over, hitherto
Let’s take you to your room
Your flight’s tomorrow, I presume
They said
Let it all come down
They watched and
Let it all come crashing down
We rode down to the harbor
We let our heads from underneath
The water red from blood and warmth
The sky lit up like lightning storms
An orange with the smoke and fire
As we burned so we could give their people what they earned
An all-expenses paid trip straight to hell
And you were here, I hope you’re well
And I hope you got there safe and sound
They sang and let the ship coming crashing down

Down, down down
Down, down down

Now you’re all sons of bitches
I guess that makes us brothers, sisters
Unto one another, in a way

All those who rise in solidarity
Run, you’ll all just get gunned down one by one
Who dares wins, because they have the biggest guns
Don’t kid yourself, they’ve already won
[?] bad dreams of savage things we’ve done
We’re allowed to be done
God damn us every one
God damn us every one
God damn us every one
[Spoken: Shut the f*ck up. It’s not over yet. Shut up.]

[Spoken: Ok now it’s over.]

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