Peedi Crakk – Turn It Up Lyrics

Turn it up, yeah
Turn up yeah

Shoot box for frank less to the top
Nice size rooger franky muller be the watch hot, hot
Spend the quarter miller on the drop
You would let the short [?] their tank be the top
Cako, white size, snap back, white socks
Married to the block, hit the bitch with my wife hot
Clean it in the king B fresh about the night shot
Quarter in the [?] bitch I kind of ice pot
Or a pretty girls at I’m tryin to take [?]
In a couple shots and bring her back, baby pull up

Turned up, super fly
Lamp up suicide
No lames just you and I
I’m like hey baby, it’s up what’s you and I

Turn it up, yeah
Waht’s up hey
Turn it up, yeah
Turn turn turn turn turn

Champagne size, trippin from my butt [?]
Silicone dut crack what you crack waht I
p*ssy was the bime bime, hair was the fish fish
Tats on her ass, rings on the nipple oh
Bitchy more tinny make super pity and see ho

Happy family home, why you’re still right here with me ho
Alright crackk pipe I would top the p show
Hit her with the jew she start a nigga work the piko
Cut the tack and five rave muzzle on the B to shoe
With the hair [?] buckle on them thousand [?]
Ain’t got nothing on them
Later that night somebody white be probably nothing on em

Turn it up, yeah
Turn it up, yeah
Turn turn turn turn turn

Rings ain’t dime bottle on [?]
Got your baby mom and your presidential
p*ssy was the bime, he was fish fish
Tats on her ass, rings on her nipple
Young seeing P, balling in the benz trunk
Whipe beat em, front pocket bend up
Bed pocket bend up, all the pockets bend up
The neck got [?] all the rest got cancer

Champagne spillin, MAG willin
Ladies and they feelin, these haters keep thrillin
Turn it up now
Turn turn turn turn turn turn
Turn it up

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