Peter Broderick – Let It Go Lyrics

There was a time when I fully embraced it
But now I can hardly face it
Face the truth of where I stand on this line
Curvin’ up, bringing down what I see as a natural time

I hope I can keep up
I hope I can keep up

It’s not a race now to the end of the maze
But I see these machines eatin’ up all of our days
And I’m pulled both ways
To leave it all, stay

So should I try to keep up?
Oh, will I try to keep up?

The old mystic in me wants to believe we don’t need all this technology


And I know it’s not in my hands
I’m just one little grain in all these shifting sands
There’s a lot you don’t see in this life

But sometimes you pick up on something in your strife

I hope I can pick up
I hope I can pick it up


There’s no use fighting against an inevitability
But if you don’t listen to suspicions at all then you’ll always agree
And I know there’s no sense in trying to be the world’s police
But I want to see humans and cities as more than just a disease


There’s a problem with the term “nature”
As if we’re not a part of her
And this mindset to conquer
Comes to no good end of that I’m sure

I hope we can let go
I hope we can let it go

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