Pierre Stemmett – Hope Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All this time I watched you grow
And nothing about your heart I took for granted
These days I’m on my own
Still, it takes the breath right out my nose
You said you wanted to fly alone
I never understood the way you see it
And it cuts right through my veins
There was nothing I could say to make you stay

[Verse 2]
I felt the rage evolve
And manifest itself in conversation
I wanted more than love
Something I could shoot up in my brain
You said I changed, I’m not the same
Darling you know I’m not one to gamble
On current circumstance
I break my heart
And leave when I get the chance

[Verse 3]
I’ve thought so long and hard
If I’m cursed to rock the boat forever
Past loves have come and gone
And I can’t help but think it’s all my fault
I never wanted to fly alone
But show off such aversion to your effort
I hate this back and forth
Still I know, with you I’m better off

[Verse 4]
So will this be the last?
Scoffing at such things I tend to think of
Oh, but I really want
I really want, I really want to be with you
And it f**ks me up
In moments short, I relinquish that desire
But still I feel you close
I’m only 22 I still have hope

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