Pigeon John – Life Goes On Lyrics

[Pigeon John]
uh hah
It goes
One for the money
Two for the show
Three for my minions who got in the back door
Four for the honey dips
Five for my bros
And death as my breath kept in and no flow
And it’s so slow
You see my life don’t grow
And my raps only collect daft so-so
It feels every word that I write steals my fate
Losin every single one of my friends today
And its the weight in my mind
A continual war chyme in my head yellin that the past ain’t dead
But it’s alive to well with many stories to tell
Exiting one cell only to a new jail
Destined to fail it seems
And my positivity is trapped in dreams
But I gotta let it shine to affect my team
I can’t go back, gotta press on back

life goes on
No matter if your life is tattered
And you can’t fix what went wrong
Life goes on
Your battered and your life is scattered
You’re a hook in your own theme song
Life goes on
You’re a fighter but the grip is tighter
And you know that you can’t stand long
Life goes on
Yours only get brighter
Life goes on
Yours only get brighter

Life goes on

[Abstract Rude]
If ever you’re hungry, (you) should never feel lonely
If god is with you
If I go know that I will make a return
Give me frankincense myrrh, his ashes in the urn
But learn life goes on
Chant the psalm, sing solomon songs
All of them troubles be gone
We life on with this
I’m sick as rhyme kickin consciousness
And time’s slippin, that’s why I’m takin risks
It’s us prosecuted without cause
The long arm always chases an outlaw
Who did nothing to noone
They just don’t understand who he is (is) where he comes from
But I know
When you’re playin their game
Stuck on this airplane
You’ll always be fair game
You’re liable to go nuts, but still gotta hold up
I know it gets though, believe


The truth is told, the youth can grow
Live for life and love livin for kicks
The truth is told, the youth can grow
break bread at the table of life and live truthfully
the truth is told, the youth can grow
Live for lifeand love livin for kicks
the truth is told, the youth can grow


[Humming to fade out]

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