Pilot To Gunner – Bring It Live Lyrics

We have all we need, just need a little juice. Make it cough make it go, the rust is coming loose. Electricity–a rope, a kite, a key. It struck and it brought enough to bring it live. Made it go, there's no way, to control, we got carried away in crowds, and on floats with ticker-tape, but we forgot all the codes. When it comes, in two days, stay in control. We got carried away in crowds, on floats with ticker-tape and yeah we brought it live. The cameras, the lights, "thoughtwe knew what to do, when the buildings, they fall, after a knock or two". The books, they all saidthat this was coming true, so we struckand we brought enoughto bring it live. A rope, a kite, a key, and…well, it's not worth repeating. But is it worth another try? We'll bring enough to bring it live

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