Pluralone – I Hear You Lyrics

All your life run from the blues
Clicking red ruby shoes
When there's nothing left to prove
Why can't I get through to you

Head down bulldozing us through
I guess what have you got to lose
Anywhere you are I am too
Who said "To Be One With You"?

I breathe you

When you try and take a stand
Convoluted, countermand
Never giving us a chance
Must we always do this chance

I breathe you
I see you

I hear you
You're in there the whole time
Every time I say you it's I'm
I see what you'rе doing
Don't know why I can't look down
You are the height and thе ground

Raise your voice to understand
Like shouting in a foreign land
My Van Gogh ears it's falling on
Bitten tongues and tasting blood

Why you making these demands
Contradict me, countermand
Rage against hard as you can
I'm still offering my hand

I wish you knew
What I see on you

I hear you
You're with me the whole time
Whether I'm listening or I'm not
I believe you
You never let me down
No matter how much blame I said I found
I feel you
Over me I know shine
Casting shadows left behind

I'm near you
Every day of your life

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