Pop Xir – One Love Lyrics

Now here I am
I’m giving you some fun
I’ll give you what you want
Now, take me as I am

I want you
then, you need me
I’ll do, what I can do
With you, I’ll set you free

Baby, Baby (Ooh!)
You are my lady (Ah)
Kiss me, hug me, love me (Ah)
I’m your daddy (Skrrt!)
My wifey, so beauty
That one love shows in the family
Like a relationship of Jay-Z and Beyonce
Perfect love, faith and honesty
From monday to sunday
We hold on daily
From AM to PM (Bleeh!)
We bond like a team
We can’t overcome these
If we don’t feel no pain, no gain.


One love…
One love…
One love…
One love…

My destiny
These game, we can’t play
Let’s take it seriously
Just keep me so tightly
I’m so lucky (yeah, yeah)
These days, you’re so happy (yeah, yeah)
I’m with you everyday (yeah, yeah)
Till rainy to sunny days

My everything (yeah, yeah)
Like a star shining (yeah, yeah)
I’m like a bird flying (yeah, yeah)
In the skies of glamouring
I like you (yeah, yeah)
Then, you hate me (yeah, yeah)
My heart says 1-4-3 (yeah, yeah)
Your love is the only key

Time-to-time (Ooh!)
You are mine (Ah)
I’m tryin’, I ain’t lyin’ (Ah)
I feel like I’m dyin’ (Skrrt!)
I’m finest, I’m honest
These feelin’ conquer your test
I’m sure, you are my heavenly bless
Just keep me in a place
I’m like a genie in a bottle
You need to ask one wish (Bleeh!)
I’ll give you my power and magic
One word of your command
That’s a logic
H2O is a chemical bond
Marry you,
Never be a tragic, nor toxic.


One love…
One love…
One love…
One love…
One love…
One love…
One love…
One love…

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