Prime Minister Boris Johnson Gives First Public Appearance

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Gives First Public Appearance


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On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave his first public appearance since being hospitalized with coronavirus three weeks ago, saying that Britain was starting to “turn the tide” on the epidemic but was resisting increasing calls to ease a nationwide lockdown. Johnson apologised for being away “for much longer than I would have liked” in a statement in Downing Street announcing his return to work, looking thinner and with his signature blond hair a little longer.

He thanked the British people for receiving a month of residence-at-home orders that helped stop COVID-19 spread, while more than 20,000 people have also died from the virus.

On March 19, Johnson promised Britain should be able to “turn the tide on coronavirus within 12 weeks,” but only if people heeded advice to avoid social interaction. But while recognizing many business concerns and growing numbers of MPs in his own Conservative Party about both the economic cost, Johnson cautioned that now isn’t the time to balance the lockdown.

Britain Has Highest Death Rate Due to COVID-19

One month ago Johnson became the world’s highest-profile leader to contract COVID-19. He stayed a week in the hospital, with three nights in intensive care. Also, later saying that things “could have gone either way” in a video message after being discharged. He returned to his residence in Downing Street on Sunday night, after spending two weeks recovering. It is from his Chequers country retreat. It schedules to chair Monday’s regular government coronavirus meeting.

During his absence, the government’s response to the pandemic has been strongly questioned. This is as to the death rate during Britain has risen to among the highest in the world. Healthcare workers tend to worry about a shortage of safety masks and gowns. Although a target of evaluating 100,000 patients a day by the end of April seems like a difficult challenge. The debate is still raging as to whether Britain has implemented the lockout too late. It is as per a decision is looming as to when and how to ease the controls.

People ask to stay at home, wherever possible, and for more than a month, non-essential businesses closure. The laws will be up for discussion on 7 May. Several hardware stores are already reopening and some building firms have reported a phased return to work. A leading Conservative MP, Graham Brady, said on Sunday. It follows the Bank of England’s grim warnings last week of the worst recession in decades. The government wants to get the economy going again.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stood for Johnson, said on Sunday. The social distancing steps would remain in effect for some time to come. People will have to accustom themselves to the “new standard,” he said.

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