Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Goes Live on Facebook, Talks About Economy

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Goes Live on Facebook, Talks About Economy


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The four-day workweek has been marketed as a way of enhancing the balance between work and life. Now it is getting a boost from the chief of New Zealand, who recently introduced the idea as one that might support the economy in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shared the suggestion in a Facebook Live video posted earlier this week while exploring ways to revive domestic tourism in her country. The coronavirus epidemic has caused people around the world to lock up and decimate global demand for travel in the last few months.

The prime minister urged employers to consider having more flexible work arrangements — such as remote work and putting in longer hours on fewer days — if possible, “because it will definitely improve tourism across the country.” Recently, four-day working weeks have become more common as employers explore whether a tighter schedule can boost productivity.

The Government of New Zealand itself is no stranger to the notion of an alternative plan of service. Many government departments have signed up since 2018 to test a system called “flexible work by choice,” which encourages employers to allow their workers more flexibility in various ways.

Although it is up to each interested agency to determine. This plan looks like, the government has proposed many options. It includes encouraging individuals to follow shorter workweeks. It is “such as 40 hours over four days, or a nine-day fortnight.”

Employees Show Higher Productivity

In 2018, New Zealand company Perpetual Guardian, which helps clients handle their wills and properties. also held a two-month trial of the idea. The firm said it was so good, that it wanted it to be permanent.

According to the firm, which had around 240 employees, all employees reported higher productivity. It is better work-life balance and reduced stress by working just four days a week.

Big businesses also are getting on the bandwagon, too. Microsoft (MSFT) picked up the concept last year when the company’s team in Japan experimented. It is with shutting down their offices every Friday in August. Also, giving all staff an extra day off every week.

The findings promise a dramatic decrease in the amount of time spent at work. Also, productivity calculates by revenue per employee. Also, improving by nearly 40 % compares to the same timeframe last year, the company states. As a result, Microsoft announces it follows up with another project in Japan. This is as well as calling for other businesses to participate.

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