Primus – The Valley Lyrics

Once there was a land that lived in fear of seven goblins. The goblins fed on color. They plowed the valleys and climbed the highest mountains looking for rainbows. And when they found one, they caught it in their lassoes and sucked the colors up, filling their bellies with its bright liquid. Only one place in the land had never known goblin fear; a hidden valley called the “Valley of the Rainbow,” where great arches of color were born. There, the animals lived in paradise

Where visible light that casts forth the colors
Reflecting in eyes, the world all around
Where spectrums can fly in the face of creation
Rainbow ends touch the ground

The folly of those who gorge upon moments
With more than their share of what we hold dear
Be leery the fool that wrangles the rainbows
Filling the landscape with fear

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