Prince Daddy & The Hyena – I Thought You Didn’t Even Like Leaving Lyrics

Whenever I fall asleep I keep on waking up to the same goddamn dreams
It’s just me drowning with my arm, from the elbow up, reaching out for anything
Like in Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze
Is it my friends with their t-break moves, or just a little bit less fast food?
When you decide to leave this bullshit for bullshit and nothing
If you forget about me, it’s alright, I understand I guess
I’d leave and forget if I had the chance

I still never got to the bottom of why you gave up
Ain’t it kind of funny how the only thing that’s never quite so mutual is me preaching perpetual while you’re fulfilling ritual
I’m sorry to get technical but I find it acceptable

I’m moving on
There’s something about my new stitched up thumb that makes it feel kind of funny calling it “moving on”

Now that you’re gone
We need something to mask the weed smell here
Like a candle or fumes from the old space heater

Whenever I’m freaking out I keep the thought of the cast of Friends real close to my head
It’s not absurd to say that 10 goddamn seasons would be the longest friendship I’d ever have
And if Ross and Rachel last, maybe this feeling too shall pass
But now you f*ckers know I’m sad from all of these 20 minute intervaled claps

So when I decide to go illegally download my movies
I shouldn’t have to take a breather
I really shouldn’t get so mad if the video and audio don’t quite match

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