Project Pat – Street God Intro Lyrics

Tight grip on the draco, now it’s time to get ’em
In the hood sniffin’, no police, now it’s time to kill ’em
f*ck a mask, it was late night, hoodies on our head
f*ck police, they don’t come ’round here cause they ass scared
And my pockets on hard like my penis
Talkin’ money, we talkin’ english
Drug money can turn to blood money
This ain’t for the squeamish
Only for the ones who hungry enough to get the funds
Who ain’t scared to shoot the draco gun
Cali in my lungs
Addicted to Versace belts and them Gucci Skullies
Chopper bullet took his head and skull it
This shit can get ugly
People talk me loyalty, me keep it real
With your circle never rat mane and never steal

Have all your bread, make that shit a solid deal
If you gon’ cross, cross big, make it a solid kill
I feel a nigga wanna try me cause I look like a [?]
All this jewelry on me homie I’m a walkin’ brick
Pockets low, pull out the 44, make a nigga strip
Nigga just got f*cked in the game but this ain’t no flick
Fire stick, make my banger bang, like he in a gang
Silencer with a beam no [?] hit his mane
Money and respect dog, what a nigga kill ’bout
Used to be my nigga but nah you ain’t real now
Gotta watch around you, niggas flip like pancakes
Get some real money off these streets and watch these niggas hate

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