Pythia – An Earthen Lament Lyrics

[Verse I]
She knew right from the very start
She was destined for his love
A weaver of peace
Between the warring factions of her heart
Still her hopes had turned to ash
As brother turned against brother in a foreign land

[Pre-Chorus I]
Though he’d sworn to be there always
Death stole his love from her

In the darkness, she’ll stay
Far from home lies her fate
Such a desperate lament she cries

‘Neath the wooded grove
The ancient earth-hall
With a curse on her lips, and a sigh

[Verse II]

Judgment came, though she’d done no wrong
But be truthful to her heart
Still the people cried that she’d
Brought war and death upon them
Destined to dwell beneath the dirt
Trapped in endless halls of stone until her dying day

[Pre-Chorus II]
Though he swore to show her honor
He cast her into the dust

[Pre-Chorus III]
So she swore to haunt his nightmares
Torment him until the end

‘Til he comes to her
Leads her soul from this world
With a kiss on her lips, and a sigh

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