Quiz Contestant Gets Reward of $10,000 After Tony Hadley’s Message

Quiz Contestant Gets Reward of $10,000 After Tony Hadley’s Message


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The money was awarded after a U-turn by the radio station to a quiz contestant who lost out on a major cash prize-because judges said he mispronounced “Tony Hadley.” The Spandau Ballet singer sent a video of encouragement when the Singaporean man Muhammad Shalehan was refused the $10,000 reward (£5,760; US$ 7,060). But Mr Shalehan’s radio station remained stubborn, was incorrect-until now. Gold 905 said on Friday they were “deeply sorry” and were awarded the money.

Mr Shalehan-a father of three, with a newborn due in August-told the BBC that he is “so surprise” but “so glad.”

On 16 March, the “Celebrity Name Drop” quiz started with Gold 905 – a station owned by a Singapore media giant.

Only one celebrity-let alone 14-had been hard to find. Yet listeners may-over a period of weeks-piece the puzzle together by listening to responses from other people. Mr Shalehan called hundreds of times, and twice made it to air-but did not get the right response. He figures he finally all 14 answers on 21 April-only score 13. Yet another caller said the very same answers on 6 May-and won the $10,000 prize. When the decision questions by Mr Shalehan, the station states on April 21 that he mispronounces Tony Hadley’s name.

Spandau Ballet Singer Reacts

Mr Shalehan found Tony Hadley ‘s boss online after his comments fell on deaf ears, and sent him a note. The Spandau Ballet singer reacted to Mr Shalehan ‘s amazement with a video, endorsing the pronunciation.

Mr Shalehan sends the video, but they unmove. Once the BBC called the radio station for the story of Thursday, they give Mr Shalehan $5,000 but he still maintains that his pronunciation incorrect. The station post a clip of Mr Shalehan’s pronunciation along with Tony Hadley ‘s version, and the winning entry when announcing the “goodwill gesture.” While having debts to repay, and a rising family, Mr Shalehan-a railroad worker-was uncertain of accepting the $5,000.

The story originally reports by Singapore’s platform Hype and Stuff in early May but gains attention after the involvement of Mr Hadley. The station turns its decision around by Friday morning.

The 32-year-old told the BBC that he was sleeping Friday morning when his wife found a radio station e-mail. It is the father-in-law of Mr Shalehan, a taxi driver, who initially convinces him to pursue the quiz.

Mr Shalehan receives an offer and apology from the station-and is thankful. It is to the English celebrity on the other side of the world who made it happen.


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