Redman – Dunfiato Lyrics

Hey, hey
Muddy f*cking waters mixtape, man
I’m high as a bitch up in this motherf*cker
I need a beat, I need a f*ckin’ beat
I don’t need no turn up beat, I need some elements
Some Hip-hop
Let’s get back to some elements and shit (yeah)
Josh, I like that man. You like that man?
Let’s turn that shit up man (yeah)
Lyrical wordplay for y’all. I feel good on this one, man
This is how real emcees do it, you know?
Yeah, I like that shit a lot man
D’un fiato!
Rome, York, we in the building
Check it out (yo)

[Verse 1: Redman]
When I hit the bong I’m Godzilla taking over Hong Kong
Eating wantan wid’ a shotgun in long johns
It’s not unsung
No story here to tell, I’m just ready
I’m a student before the school bell
That prevail my wordplay
Thirsty, I bust all three Ks on Martin Luther King birthday
Berkeley College, for twenty dollars
If I got it, smoke, here enquire my knowledge
A little psychotic, I know
Rate me, I’m Michael Jordan in the final four fighting with Wayne Gretzky
I’m not relevant, let’s see
Who’s spittin?
Some of y’all Coke and Pepsi, I can’t tell the difference
I’m Darryl when I’m pitchin’
Before the white girl had ’em twitchin’
Now the rap game in my kitchen
Easy pickens
Rebel wid’ a cause

My mind is like f*ck with mine, I’ll put your mind on the wall
I’m on tour gettin’ bread and tattoos and your job is giving Tic Tacs in bathrooms
I hate gossip, I’ll mash up your media moshpit
Release a ba-boom in the chat room
My weed bags are vacuum that smuggle
Off of one blunt, a bitch gon’ f*ck you (HAHAHA)
Chicks Tivo the meatloaf, when I hit they belly Doc droppin’ all dimes (RICO!)
Take precautions
I got a Paul Bearer that build coffins for all rappers and nonsense
Nonchalantly I’m thinkin’ darker than a convict conscience
That’s why I’m sweating in the armpits, that’s where the bomb is
The gang rate in my city is like the 80s where Kendrick Lamar live
I gotta’ harvest the purple at my apartment, across the park I sell pounds to Cartman
I think like an orphan, I’m in a zone
But it’s freestyle so these words might need a home
Executive net, I demand respect, check, don’t even talk to me or text the wrong tone (OKAY)
Stay at bay, um and delay
When I ride out, pull pins from these hand grenades
You can be amazed or hate it
But either way I get it heated like Kanye and Sway
I’m done wid’ it, I had fun wid’ it
Stay back and tell your girl come get it
She had Mr. Right, now she want Mr. Wrong
Now she swing along, like Serena arms

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