Reflections – Psychosis Lyrics

Watch me as I fade away
Every day
Falling further into gray

Guess I’m shit out of luck
As always
Rotting away
Counting the days
Held against my will
By my self
Festering inside
I can’t cut you out

Stuck in a rut
I gave up everything
Wasn’t enough
Bleed me dry
What do you want
I’ll give you anything
Just let me go
I won’t survive

You’d think that
Somewhere, someone
Just one person
Could understand the burden
That lies deep below the surface

I hear, silence
Nothing, no one
No hand to hold
Always alone

Vivid visions
I have memories hidden
Nightmares do not compare
I’ve lived through pain and fear
I would never wish on another
For every moment
I hope you f*cking suffer

I will never recover
Permanently a part of me
You can’t give until you take some
I wasn’t born a monster I became one
Bow down to the great one
I am king
You are a fake one

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