Ricky Hil – Hollywood Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, Limosa Nostra, that’s the family

I’m cutthroat, cold water
What you think I need [?] for
All the reasons that I struck [?]
They don’t dream they don’t even got one hope
Best believe my L is pulling like a tug boat
Get ya weed up, if you need us
If you see us, can’t breathe what
All the smoke in the car get ya hot boxed
Best believe we get kicks like hot rocks
This ain’t the 90’s but I’m high up
And I’m grimy head full of lemon drop
Drop the top down, drop a bottom down
Now the beat got so much bottom now
Mama that’s what I’m about
CT but I stay dodging out
I’m dusted, stay brushed up
Boo Bonic, tell ’em what’s up

[Verse 2: Bonic]
Aye, think they god got [?]
[?] ready on my arm like scarlet
But lowkey freaking like charlotte
And we ain’t in the city
[?] big dreams
She know my [?] go to rehab, sick dreams
World that I live in, whole buncha fucking women
They feelings get crushed like cold linen
Tipping the room [?]
Her mind and body expand I leave her soul spinning
Frisbee that bitch I’m a dog
Plus I shine out [?] you can see me through the fog
[?] my bag I was in around 02
So true, the flights excite all the freaks and
Just like me we can do it every weekend
Blind sided like MO [?], perfect position in the game they could [?]

[Verse 3: Ricky]
But get equated with who we are
This is Nostra, where all our days seem dark
See, so I’m alone, waiting on my love to fold
So cold, yeah

Misfit, 205, 203, Limos

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