Rob Markman – Strongest Woman I Know Lyrics (feat. DJ Money)

[Intro: Rob Markman]
You know I love you

[Verse 1: Rob Markman]
My moms got cancer in her lung
Beautiful Black woman who raised 3 sons
And 1 daughter; 4 kids, 2 fathers
Couple of us went to school, couple of us played the corner
Thought we'd live forever, but life’s gettin shorter
Now all I wanna do is do everything for her
Fly her round the world, little things to spoil her
But could never repay her for all she did for us
I was 14 when you left goddamn
Sometimes it's certain shit between a woman and a man
That's all I wanna say in case I never get thе chance
Forgive my disrespеct ma, I didn’t understand
Now I'm learning what is and ain't important
f*ck all the money, f*ck the Swisher endorsement
The strongest that I know you could never be defeated
And God as my witness mommy we gonna beat this

[Interlude: Rob Markman]
So when the doctor walked in the room, right?
And had all the student doctors with him
I kinda knew what it was before he even said what it was and
You're so strong man
You're lookin' at me to see if I'm doin' alright
I’m here here to make sure that you’re doin' alright ma
[Verse 2: Rob Markman]
Every other week you was in the record store
Babyface, Whitney, Al B Sure
Then you came home, brought me Kris Kross

Shit if I missed the bus you’d be pissed off
I'm running round the house bumpin BIG Smalls
You running round the house bumpin Diana Ross
I couldn't count all the samples that I ran across
The Isleys, Barry White, shit you had 'em all
I hope you know you’re the reason for all this
How i started out a journalist, now I'm an artist
When I win my first award before i thank God miss
Ima thank the Goddess who taught me who God is
I swear to you, I promise I'm bein' so honest
Know that you have my word, i swear on mamas
You the strongest that i know so lemme repeat this
Ain't no doubt in my mind mommy you gonna beat this

[Outro: Rob Markman & Janet Markman]
Yo ma
Oh hi Rob, I'm sorry baby I'm on the phone how are you?
I'm doin' good, I'm out here in Chicago, I'm workin
I know you're in Chicago, you're coming home tomorrow
How'd your appointment go?
My appointment went very well, I'm cancer-free
Hahaaaaa for real?
No treatments, no treatments, thank God
There was never a doubt in my mind, I knew you were gonna get through it
I knew that as a scary as it was, I knew that it was just an obstacle
I know that you're the strongest woman that I know
And I kicked cancer's ass
That's right

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