Robbie Basho – Song For The Queen Lyrics

My love walks bye
Lillies in her hand
And roses in her heart
And the silver leaf upon
Her shining brow

[Purposely Unintelligible] — texture of feeling flow

Take care, take care, my love
The way to the castle is dark and long
And don't stop at stranger's door
Don't hark to witch's lure
Till forest night, is put to flight
By Morning Song

The Queen rides bye
A tear in her eye
A chalice in her hand
And by the king's command
The cup will spill

And the love will flow and fill the land

[Purposely Unintelligible] — texture of feeling flow

Arise, arise, Sir Knight
Receive thy colors — blue and white
And by the Master's hand
Ride forth and wake the land
Till Easter's sun cries out
That all is one —
My love walks bye
Dew drop of diamonds in her eyes
Nectar, of rubies in her heart
And smile of sapphires upon her lips
In clear radiance
She has been to the temple of the Lord
And seen His Face

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