Roc Marciano – 67 Lobby Lyrics

Yeah nigga
Hundred block shit boy
Peel your shit like a potato skin nigga
f*ck you thought
Uh (papapapa)

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]
I show you how that paper work
Grab the .38 and make it squirt
Bake your shirt left the potato burnt
The game is learnt
The name was earnt
Anything that I make it is what I say it’s worth
I say a verse that’s a bird
I might even stay for dessert
So go find a new way to surf

Stealin loot
Peel in the suit
This real life I had to sip the healing juice
Deals with the Jewish
My ice blueish
I might throw a few cubes In the white Cuban
Let off the pipe I had the room lit
With the some big shit
That you might confuse it for a pool stick
Keep a small two fifth in my killer tool kit
You never know when you might need to use this
Before you cross I do the math homie
My shooter’s cross-eyed
Court side yacht Master Rollie
Blow weed into Tobacco leaf only
Sprinkle it with the leek
That’s that E-40 (sprinkle me)
That’s that E-40
Your shorty thought I was Demetrius Flenory
You niggas never put your feet in Mauri
The Benz is cleaner but the Beamer’s saucey
Chains gleamin’ but the ring’s is frosty
Speak to me softly
The price is high like a key of soft be

Squeeze 40 out the two seater coffee
And then I’m leaving shortly
Most importantly
Used to sling crack out the lobby in 67
Now I live in heaven
My little homie’ll body you with the Wesson
The most definite

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]
I seen dark days and bright nights
Tall tops lunch trays like Mike & Ikes
Niggas ain’t eating right
They dining with Edomites
In the cave where the ticks and fleas bite
Tie up your sneakers tight
The Fendi things is nice with the zebra stripes
You’re nothin my young’ns would wanna be like
I’m in Greece with my wife
I got a secret life
I’m peekin through the blinds
While you tryin to see inside
You think you Magnum P.I.?
I’m a phenom
Fully dressed down in Fila
I mean how can I be demonized
Speakin on the shit
I seen with these eyes
The streets is hot as grease
You got deep fried (mmm)
Let’s get it shakin
The belt two bands
It took the skin
From a pagan to make it
I’m givin niggas an expensive spankin
For trying to enter my inner sanctum
While I’m spendin Franklins

I mean
I don’t even take niggas serious
f*ck niggas
Niggas is bathrooms
Rosebudd boyee

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