Roc Marciano – The Sauce Lyrics

Let’s go
It’s that bitter dose (Bitter Dose)
It’s that bitter dose baby
Futuristic Shit
You know what I’m sayin?
Innovative, groundbreakin
You know
Marc Baby (Marc baby)
Marc (Uh)

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]

Legit money stack
Blow the dirty shit

Big face Roly was thirty cent

You was never sturdy
A little birdy told me this
I said you can’t compare
Goldfish to Moby Dick
Don’t be a dick
You know I’m sensitive
Don’t let me catch you talking shit
About my mama’s biscuits
Emptyin’ this biscuit
It’s risky biz
Nigga, my Dickies fit you big
Get em hemmed

I’m out your league, you ain’t out the weeds
So much powder, might have to break out the skis
For me to flee from the powers that be
I was clean but
Max B was singing out of key
Might let ya out
Powder beak
Once every three hours
I allow her to speak
I was high off sour
That’s how I found my niche
I’m at the peak
I’m looking down at Yao Ming
I’m a force to be reckoned with
The first record was just a prerequisite
It came with the Smith and Wessun
But I need a second stick
In case the bitch niggas PMS’ing kid
I’m guessin’ this ain’t never been did

Why ya sweatin me then
The question is
Who I’m in bed with
For the record your breath stink
I got better things to be doing
Waiter – check please
Pay respect
My shooters come to spray your V-Neck tee
Fly your head piece
Set it free
They’ll find the rest of ya meat in Schenectady
Can’t speak for next
Without ya sexing me
I think I might need to see the shrink for therapy

It’s in the sauce, I got the recipe
It’s in the sauce, I got the recipe

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]


I been had sauce
Niggas try though
Pillow talking hoes
That’s the guy code
Spray the chopper out the foxhole
Though I forgot, why
Cause it happened a long time ago
Shit real like Geronimo
This shit Prada ho
Niggas still shopping at Club Monaco
I’m like Big Mama behind the stove
One monkey don’t stop no show
I put my foot in his milk kid
Real shit
I killed electronic
Give me the guilt trip
Can’t you see I’m chillin?
Milk and Giz
Go straight from the tit to the fridge
Go off the ???
Still come back big
Knock your top off your leg
Let it slid

Aiyo Roc my nigga…

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