Roc Marciano – Thugs Prayer, Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Production by Roc Marciano]

God bless the soldiers, we lost out in the field
When you was killed it was Allah's will
We part your pill with large steel
You left a big pair of Clarks to fill
We flipped the hard still
And watched you cartwheel
Parked the Seville on the dark hill
Feel the wind chill
The pill of imbecile like Seal
Blood out the pen spill
I chill by the window sill
Think about mils
I’m on a no frills, niggas heels
The dillingers reveal but not on film
I print the literature with zeal, appeal
Sniff the cocaine hill off a bill, it's surreal
With chopsticks lift the eel with skill
The deal was to keep the pitcher fill
My signature was written on the bill
They Fisher Price mic grippers
Tip em' light like strippers illcit

Two piece chicken with the biscuit
This is simplistic
I had the iron in my fist when I enlisted
I was twisted off a strawberry cough
The pelle's very soft, the Pirellis on course
I'm heavy with the floss, cocksucker get lost
Grind hard for the paper this is the tip of the glacier
Sip the henney without the chaser, piss on the city from the skyscraper
Face your fears, your prayers fell on deaf ears
I parked the yacht by the pier and shot the deer
My bitch rock the weird Moncler, resemble Pam Grier
My vision is clear, I sip the Everclear
My wounds is severe, my skin is unfair
The fear make the rare gun flare, shit your underwear
Can't steal my thunder, you's a f*cking square
And I swear
I shed a thugs tear, and say a thugs prayer

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