Rochelle Jordan – Broken Steel Lyrics (feat. Farrah Fawx)

What do you think I'm always drunk and always so turned up?
Expections of me as if, but who’s here to protect me?

[Verse 1: Rochelle]
Looking like the sun is going down
Think about the day I feel the pressure coming around
Better shut my mouth
If I say my feelings then they'll say that I'm too loud
Blending to the crowd, once they’ll see my colour then they'll think that I'm too proud
Silver all while I'm falling apart
In the nighttime I lose it for real
Watching us overfeels
Losing all my sense of what I feel

Yes, I guess I'm broken steel

Maybe I'm just that soft
Cause you're playing too rough
I am delicate with strings that I create at
That's always taking pieces of who I am
Without anything worth trading

[Verse 2: Farrah Fawx]
I crated a wave
Catch my drift
Talk my shit bite my lips
Not the same can’t pretend, never hidden
I’m not greedy
Catch your breath
Can not longer do the work that they won't do
My race is not my-
Oh gimme space, I got two
Broken steel
Broken steel

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