Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers – Noisy Head Lyrics

Shepherd says to sleep tonight
He will watch us sheep tonight
My big brother in the satellite
Will keep us safe from harm

The watchdogs all are dozin’ now
The polygraphs are frozen now
Hush your voice of reason, sleep deeply in their arms

I got…
Toys in the attic
Monsters under the bed
Ghosts in the cupboard
I got curtains made ‘o lead
Bats in the belfry
Goblins out in the shed…
Well I was cryin’ for a vision, I got static instead
Boy, oh boy, I got a noisy head

The emperor in his new clothes
Is playin’ with his dominoes
He’s got puppet strings from head to toes
And an army of Pinocchios

I got the radio on, all I’m receivin’
Is a web of little lies that they keep weavin’
If you wanna babble on and on deceivin’
Try to tell a lie that’s worth believin’

I’m hearing whispers from our history books
The kings, queens, bishops, knights and rooks
And the blood they spilled, the gold they took
Was always first the pawn’s

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