Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Tested Positive for Coronavirus


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Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin revealed on Thursday that he has tested positive for coronavirus, as when the number of reported cases in the country has increased by more than 100,000 following its highest daily rise. In a televised meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mishustin said that to secure his colleagues, he would “observe self-isolation,” implying a temporary acting PM.

Putin immediately signed a decree naming a temporary substitute for First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov. The President told Mishustin that outsourcing COVID-19 “can happen to anyone” and that without his input, no significant decisions will be made.

Russia is now the European country reporting the newest diseases, with the number of cases rising by several thousand per day. But the death rate for coronavirus in Russia remains fairly small and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the actions of the government had helped to avoid the disastrous “Italian scenario.”

Russia’s success was due to “solid self-isolation decisions” and government policies “which persuaded people to stay at home,” Peskov told TV channel RTVI. He also reported that Russia had increased the number of hospital beds available quickly and effectively. The virus has spread across the country’s 85 regions, with Moscow being the epicentre of around half of the reported cases.

Russia sees Eight Largest Virus Cases

Having recently surpassed Iran and China, Russia has the eighth largest number of virus cases. It is in the world, according to an AFP report. The country has done almost 3.5 million virus studies. Health authorities said and are ranked 19th in the globe for the number of deaths from coronavirus.

Medics in Russia have protested about shortages of protective gear and test kits. Also, hospital personnel deeply worry about deaths in the medical community. Medics and trade union leaders state AFP that the problem is especially serious outside of Moscow. This is where there is an even greater risk of infection among workers.

This week the Kremlin extended a “non-working” period until May 11. It is when Russians will stay at home but still collect their salaries. This is a part of sweeping measures to suppress the virus. Yet the policy has brought instability to the economy. This is with business owners struggling to pay workers full wages while closing their doors to customers.

Vladimir Putin Postpones Military Parade

The government has phased in anti-crisis initiatives, such as loan deferrals or cheap loans. Although there is concern that Russians can not access the assistance. Given the steady rise in cases, Putin said Russia could start to slowly lift various quarantine regimes. It is across the country from mid-May onwards.

On Wednesday, Mishustin prolonged a ban on foreigners entering the country. It was due to expire Thursday until the war against the infection and the epidemic situation has changed. This year, the pandemic disrupted many big political events for the Kremlin. This is with Putin postponing a huge military parade on May 9. This is to celebrate World War II’s 75th anniversary of the victory. The Kremlin also postponed a vote on historic constitutional amendments on April 22. It would have paved the way for Putin, 67, to theoretically stay in power by 2036.

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