Sean Slick – Legit Boss Lyrics

What don’t you know
I am a legit boss

Ok I’m brown skin
In the fountain
Of youth
So astounding
I’m a cool kid
You knew this
Legit boss
Like that cute chick
Name Sasha
Mi casa
Su casa
Smooth talker
Words Gaza
Chase mula
Pure laughter
I’m one of a kind
On the grind
Still ain’t signed
You f*cking lying
Serious bro
Furious tho
Still need P
Checks to blow
Sexy hoes
From Mexico
I break their walls
Trump vex uno
Want a Lexus pro
I’ll drive it slow
Legit boss a vet u know
It’s my time
My clique
My verses
Light your spliff
From club shows
To house parties
From black queens to light barbies
Every station
Press runs with my face in
Set pace
They imitate
But f*ck the stress
Let me be great

And that’s too sick
Let me set the vibe
Like Bee Gees imma stay alive
After 25, issa new checklist
Multi millions
Boss investments
Stay reckless
Imma stay cleansed
With my essence
Got the right leverage
Imma Stay repping
That Brit section
No smith and Wesson
Still get peppered
Ace said
Live good
Fully paid
Everybody eats b

So don’t try and get sneaky
You miss me
With all the bullshit
It’s easy to get ruthless
Ask me how I do this
Don’t ask the boss that’s foolish

That’s just
How I roll
This my flick
I got the main role
Gain control
Of the game in whole
And that’s case closed
Collect dough
Jefe legítimo
I’m so gifted
I’m next to blow
For the Spanish chicks or the mamacitas
Like em small and thick
My morenita
Style is
Against the grain
Never compromise
To get fame
No excuses
No need to feign
Legit Boss don’t spit in vain
And that’s true stuff
In a new tux
Edo, mean flow
Speedo Like a free flow
Life’s wins and losses
Shout meek tho

What you know about this
What you know about Slick
What you know about shit
What you know about legit
What you know about the Boss
What you know about the cost
What you know about ambition
What Mines worth a lot
What you know about hustle
What you know about grind
What you know about vision
What you know about time
What you know about life
What you know about death
Don’t you know this whole game
Could end in a sec

What don’t you know I’m a legit boss

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