Shannon Labrie – I Remember A Boy Lyrics

Do you remember a boy?
Who used to love me
A kiss on my cheek made feel weak
I’d fall if you let me
Do you remember a boy?
On the porch swing beside me
The brush of your hand, was all I could stand
You’d send my head spinning
It’s been a long time I know
I don’t see him round here no more
I’m not in love
With the man you’ve become
But I remember a boy

Who swore he’d protect me
But now days I see
How a grown man can be
So damn Stubborn and angry
I remember a boy
Who couldn’t wait to get married
But now those vows and those rings
Like a thousand other things
Are broken and rusty
You should look deep inside
And see if you find him
Or should I, just say, goodbye?

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