Shofu – Walk With Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I be that nerdy dude, the one that raps better than you
I’m not a rapper I just got nothing better to do
Came up from time spent making some irregular moves
So I just needed something else to give my mu’f*cking energy to

But check, the same niggas i eat with, i kill with
The last of the real I ain’t expecting y’all to feel this
I got some shit I gotta deal with
f*ck whoever put you on I hit the kill switch
But real shit, I feel like a man amongst children
A kryptonian against an army of civilians
My circle of success is strictly niggas that I chill with
We plotting on the game and it’s mothaf*cking brilliant

You out of the loop, grew up in drought, famine, poverty too
Could give a f*ck about y’all don’t ever arm me to shoot
Cuz when I needed y’all you left me with the obvious truth
That it was just me, myself and god and a pocket of loot
But bitch you rocking it too?

Go ahead and thank Karma for that
I got it all but I started from Scratch
The new Shofu left before you bitches got all attached
I just tell em 2000 Toronto Raptors, Vince Carter is back (What’s up?)

Boy I’m eating on em
Might blow 30 racks for no reason on em
I work hard, now I just got it like that
I got a line outside my door and niggas all on my back
I got these Bitches on my dick and haters all on my sack
Pay attention fix your nose and start calling it crack
You addicted, you just can’t get enough
But makes sense the way you niggas in my business so much

[Verse 2]
It is what it is, I never give a shit, wallow in your ignorance
There ain’t a human capable of stopping me from getting this

See, you and me the main difference is, me I’m out here killin shit
You niggas innocent, y’all ain’t done shit
I leave the shit stains
I’m looking like a Cheetos commercial the way I spit flames

It gets messy when I kick game, feel it in your ribcage
I look like a Chinese marriage there’s no ring when I engage
I think it’s time for big change, I bring sex change to bitch ass niggas
Pay attention don’tchu ever try to skip class nigga
A professor of this rap shit, you stagnant
Got niggas falling off but who’s catching?
My people never ask shit
Without an opportunity bitch what the f*ck is talent?
Niggas think they nice, congratulated on my blacklist
Tragic when I blast shit I need to be challenged

Shofu you getting out of here and stop the madness
My girl looking like the winner of a pageant
She makes me happier than you’ll ever imagine
I don’t feel none of you niggas like a cactus
Every last one of y’all average to me
Got a problem, say my name, don’t be passive with me
You getting out of pocket I’ll arrange your absence for cheap
I got lights, camera, you can get this action for free

I’m the middle of the Saturday I’ve always been the shit hoe
I sweat extra-ordinis and mothaf*cking piss gold
I’m getting serious so I ain’t being modest no more
And I’m laughing cause I been had my foot in the door
I’m way ahead of you niggas, my mama always prayed I’d be blessed
I’m in a good position now can’t help but wonder what’s next
And if you tryna break apart from the rest –
Pull up a seat and take some mothaf*cking notes you bout to learn from the best

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