Singapore Man Sentenced to Death Via Zoom Video Call

Singapore Man Sentenced to Death Via Zoom Video Call


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In a shocking case, a man gets death sentence in Singapore via a Zoom video call for his involvement in a drug deal, the first case in the city-state in which the death penalty remotely administers. Punithan Genasan, a 37-year-old Malaysian sentenced on Friday for his role in a 2011 heroin transaction, court documents shows, with the country in lockdown trying to curb one of Asia ‘s highest coronavirus rates.

It is the first criminal case in which remote hearing in Singapore announces a death sentence, the spokesperson adds. Peter Fernando, an attorney for Genasan, states his client receives a verdict. It is from the judge on a Zoom call and is considering an appeal. While rights groups criticizing Zoom’s use in capital cases, Fernando states he is not object to its use of video conferencing for Friday’s call, as it is only to obtain the judge’s verdict, that can frequently understand, and no other legal arguments forward.

California-bases tech company Zoom responding to requests for comment for statement posting via its Singapore representatives. The Chambers of the Attorney General, the public prosecutor, referring questions about Reuters to the Supreme Court. Many Singapore court hearings adjourn during a lockdown period. It begins in early April and schedules to run until June 1. This is while cases deem essential holding remotely.

So, Singapore is with a zero-tolerance policy on illicit drugs. Also, it hangs hundreds of men-including thousands of foreigners. It is over the past decades for narcotics offences, rights groups say.

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