Skream – Where You Should Be Lyrics (feat. Sam Frank)

It keeps me awake at night (x2)

How can I feel good about this life I’m livin’
When you’re not here, right beside me
Not here, where you should be
Sometimes it feels like I might as well just turn around and give in
Because you’re not here, where you should be
Not here, right beside me

[First Verse]
These lonely days turn to lonely nights
Everything’s upside down, and I’ve lost the will to fight

You say you have to leave, and won’t even tell me why
You took my hopes and dreams and left me alone to cry


[Second Verse]
I stare at the phone, hoping that you might call
Wonderin’ who you’ve been seein’ and tryin’ to make sense of it all
They say my heart will grow stronger ahead of me all up in years
But right now, that’s hard to believe as I lie in my empty bed, drowning in tears

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