Slicker Stk – Estranged Lyrics (feat. Quayba)

Love. Odo. Sumor
Its a feeling that you cannot ignore
It Takes over your body and consumes your soul
Once you let it in you don’t wanna let go
You dey ah, then you dey figure sey the whole world be your own
Wherever she’s at feels like home
Then comes the moments where you’re only human and
You no sheda plan am but things begin to get a little different and
You dey here, she dey there, and a cell phone becomes your new friend
That, which was once close is no where near
Now its all memories id love to share
Lets go!

You’re the reason, i’m freezing, negative degrees and
Be like Slicker make high cause i cannot see sh**
So sick I dey hia that Marvin Gaye, healing
Pedal to the metal for your heart I am speeding (vrooom!)
And nothing can crash it, love you and you loving me back makes it fantastic
You’re a classic, tough chick, so Jurassic
Backa you dey carry’s got me going azzmatic (-matic), WOAH!!
Body hot, girl you smokin’ like shisha
You dey give brains, intellectual teacher
Attitude, diva, you’re definitely a keeper
Got me drooling for that kinda dope that ain’t reefer
True talk, girl you’re too strong, make I weak roff
I just wanna Mek you my companion no be show off
I just want you sittin’ by my side when I take off
No dey biz what jealousy go talk, they can piss off

Used to feel like heaven
Now we’re downhill strolling
Up and down, round and round in circles we keep twirling
You know it, I know it was over before it begun
(STK) What you mean it’s over? Baby make we start over
Used to be like morning
Sunrise and bright lights, but now our light is dim and out
We can’t ignite the flame
I might have had my best days with you but baby I’m through
Until I was never hurt

Make i catch plane for ya-(uh!)
Stop a train for ya-(uh!)
Carry your backa for my head top like, Kaya? (Huh?)
You dey claim it’s over but, baby tell a side Nigga
Make he step back! move back! Muje Baya!
When we started off, we was like, Brangelina
Well, rydee I’m the case of the Ex, (“M’adane Mya)
My head dey bash, i loose guard, now she taya
She no dey hia me take do nothing, I’m expired

Repeat Hook

They say real love’s never lost
If e lost aah then it was never real
Whats the deal?….
STK, aye!

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