Slicker Stk – Woke Lyrics

Official jump off! This is STK!
Y’all better wake up!
I had to take time out to get this done, Uh! Uh!

Kofi Annan
First, every new idea and initiative meets with resistance
And we have to be re-prepared to find the courage to take risks
Even to fail if the goal is worthwhile, no one has monopoly of wisdom
We have to do more to break down barriers

Slicker STK
Hold up! Make I tell you a little something that’ll spark your mind
Excite your mind. I’m ready to feed your mind
With real talk that’ll free your mind
We living in information but we got, clouded minds
And it’s a pity how the light don’t shine, when the sun is fine
Wearing a watch on your wrist don’t define your time, it tells time
I’ll be damned if I’m one of a kind, if strength is in numbers why would I wanna be one?
I walk alone in a world full of 7 billion plus people
They say we’re not equal
My confusion somebody please explain equal
Seems to me a baby smarter than these people, and that’s rhetoric!
Why do I gotta be powerful to be relevant?
If I no get money then I no get influence?
Funny, how coins that acquire conscience, cannot acquire common sense

Jerry John Rawlings
If we can learn to be bold enough to restore the value of truth
In our society then we will have justice. Without truth we cannot get justice
And that’s why we are suffering. Truth is so important
Do you know what Ghandi said?
(I don’t need Ghandi to tell it to me)
Ghandi said he was looking for truth in God
Only to discover that God was in truth. How beautiful (You know)

Slicker STK
I wanna know what do you know? You know nothing
You got the power of the internet but yet nothing
Cause you would rather, Twitter for Wikipedia
Knowledge no be flex no more, it’s social media, where everybody acts a fool
Nobody has a clue, on how to fully utilize a tool to improve you
We’re easily making a lotta things harder, we record, instead of helping out in a disaster
And that’s the problem, with these kids
We talk more and do less, we be “shishii”
If prostituting online is the new shit, they done turned a snapchat to Red light district
When good folks don’t want nothing to do with bad guys
Wey the bad guys too dey spread the bad vibes, then we all a bunch of misfits
Then you wonder why the lottery is such a successful business?

The white men have taught us everything we know
But teacher don’t teach me nonsense
The Englishman will say (demo) democracy
But if the African man wants to say it in broken he will say
Craziness, I start to think of this word democracy
Democracy, crazy demo, demonstration of craze, crazy demonstration
If it’s not crazy why does in Africa as time goes forward, thing’s getting worse
Poor man dey cry, Rich man dey mess
Democracy, crazy demo, demonstration of craze
Say if good teacher teach something and student make mistake
Teacher must tell him

Slicker STK
Let’s stay woke y’all

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