Slim Dusty – Old Time Country Songs Lyrics

When I was just a youngster, way back in the hills
We had an old battery wireless, it gave us lots of thrills
We knew all the country programs, what time when they came on
Mostly on the weekend, we’d listen to those songs

Jimmie Rodgers and old Tex Ritter, many more soon on the scene
Carson Robison, Gene Autry, they galloped across the screen
Then a young man from New Zealand, with a style all of his own
He played what they called a Spanish guitar and he yodelled up a storm

My dad he played the fiddle, and he laid it down his arm
He’d sit on the old front verandah in the evenings in the calm
I got myself an old guitar, and I soon strummed along

But I’ve always had a weakness for those old time country songs

They are my fondest memories, that I never will forget
And when things get tough in this business, in memory I go back yet
Oh, there’s nothing like this music, it just hangs on and on
Yes, I’ve always had a weakness for those old time country songs

As a boy I dreamed of travel, to cover this big old land
So I headed north in the ’50s, in a homemade caravan
Early years had corrugations, so we had no time to stall
But I still say to this very day, they were the best damn times of all

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