Smoke Boys – Lightwork Freestyle Pt. 2 Lyrics


[Verse 1]
We don’t do this shit for clout
Don’t chill in the T house, grab what I need then I’m in then out
When it’s drought, I’m still about, fly that hoe or I break it down
London town, do road for the pound
I came up off a 3.5, never had a hundred pound
‘Til now, now the pinky’s frozen, wow
Look at the flick of the wrist, it’s clean like I bust it down
A man fell off, now they’re smoking brown
No more smiles, all they do is frown
Came up, they wanted man down
And they’re always pissed when man come round

[Verse 2]
They don’t want no commotion, give a man smoke when we shouldn’t be smoking
Brand new dots, got old tings, we ain’t let it beat in long, man’s roasting
I link cats with testers if I need promotion
Off map, off ends, seen bro’s in the wrecks making potions

[Verse 3]
Wax on, wax off like Sensei
Run tru packs, I can’t miss leg day
Just went shop on a segway
She didn’t wanna bang, got a re-up anyway
And they get bun, I celebrate
Why you think I got one glove like MJ?
Just link uncle for the food, no Kenke, now me and D on the M-way

[Verse 4]
At the lights, bro, press and go
Big dutty, [?], tear that road
Still with the goons dem, let them know
Them boy got no flow, no dough
Gorillas in the mist, we’ll tek that dough
Any type of weight, man let that go
Any type of wave, man get that dough
Feel any way then let man know
With my killers, they backward, bill it
Pray man’s winning, got the gyally dem singing
Tryna make a k-k-killing in this crazy world that we live in
Next time I go uptown, I’m spilling
Won’t stop ’til all the goons dem winning
Got the gyally in the cutest linens

[Verse 5]
Uh, uh, packages came round
Click and collect quick, I make my way round
Uh, still undefeated, get down the lane now
Get up and spray round, mans got packets for days
Packing the rave, I’m bunning the playground
When I’m broke, I’m tight like swimwear
Quick, splash splash on your bae’s face
Now my babies giving her skincare
Blacked out with a big beard
Don’t keep friends ’cause they move weird
Used to be dot, dot, dot, dot, spin, spin
And we still got a one spare
[?] pack, man, got it in rare
Not naked, got it in bare
Tell a young boy, “Go, go there”

[Verse 6]
I ain’t got time for chasing skets, I tell her, “Cut to the chase”
See them man, I’ll back that blade like Gillette and shave his face

Put them niggas in place, man stay packing in case
Tell her, “Hold my drugs”, new plug got man feeling like Ace
Dope man shoulda went circus, talking ’bout “Riding”, man are some learners
Trapstars doing up purchase, stack them fifty’s like Curtis
Dem boy probably snatchin’ purses, ain’t got no purpose
If broski rise them burners, gonna be service, suits and hearses

[Verse 7]
Last week, bro had to shave mans wig, make a pagan cheat on his barber
I can’t keep breaking bricks and taking risks, man’s a father
Trap phone just died but trapping ain’t dead, I just need a charger
‘Til it’s on sight, see them outside, they ain’t on nada
Got cats and dogs, they’re vicious
Had to clean the dots like dishes
I love the spinner, it’s wicked
Had old friends, had to burn them bridges
Catch man slipping, he went swimming
Went crazy, cuz went fishing
Free bro, I miss him
H’s in the pen, ’nuff letters got written

[Verse 8]
Give it my best, at least, I try to
She make my meat stand up like tower
Not in Paris, gave her an eyeful
Got no [?], bag with eyeball
Two in the queue in Whitehalls
Push have your block exploding, light up the place like man was Guy Fawkes
With the zombies, light and dark like Michael, one Ken, one Ryu
Serve dinners like McD’s drive thru
Told bro that, “You ain’t nothing more than a hoe if you let hoe shit excite you”, fat stack like Bible
Put it online for distribution, pack getting streamed like Tidal

[Verse 9]
P need a square, only got a pound and a HP spare
That’s air, anywhere I step, know the chargies there
Tell ’em, “Don’t stare”, anywhere the gyaldem there, man there
Oh, yeah, war ready, man’s here
Make a man cry a thousand tears
Any kinda diss, man’s grindin’ gears
Got gyally from far and near, OT bop in my Nike gear
Any kinda wear, that’s grindin’ gear
Do it for my dargs and slimes in there
Oh yeah, we are the realest ting, no fear

[Verse 10]
We used to go halves on scores, what’s mine is yours
Told bro, “We got this for life”, 18K, not Michael Kors
These keys don’t open doors
Clean up the streets, I ain’t doing chores
If I buss this pack wide open, that’s buds on the floor
Filled to the top with corn
Bally on, no ID, who’s that? Jason Bourne
In the T house, keep adding up
The line bangs, we ain’t watching porn
Got got like canister, tryna be the opposite of poor


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