Smokepurpp – Fishscale Lyrics

Oh my god, Ronny

She gon’ ride for me because she know I got that fishscale (Ooh)
Pick a Louis, pick a Gucci, gotta peep the details
This cost 50 racks, lil’ baby, no this is not retail (Buck)
I don’t play no sports, lil’ bitch, but I know that I cheat well (Oooh)

Aye, hop in that ghost, uh
I break your head like some toast (Skrrt skrrt)
Run in your house (Buck)
I’m in all black like a crow (Stripping)
I got two shots so you know I’ma finish you
She f*ckin’ that ho’ and I’m all in her genitals
Vvs diamonds all over my [?]
f*ckin’ on twins and them bitches identical
Reach for my chain, boy, you must be rhetorical
Knock yo’ head off and you have a memorial

Vvs diamonds all over my Rollie-o
These niggas know I’m imperial
Designer [?], yeah, diamond Balenci
f*ck a lil’ ho, I don’t do no kissing
All Fishscale, you would think I went fishin’
Play with the gang, gon’ leave your ass missing
Bb, gun shit, look like Baka
One head shot, sent straight to the bottom
I can’t [?], I ain’t playin’ no soccer
Fl, nigga we ain’t doin’ no flockin’

She gon’ f*ck with me because she know I got that fishscale
I don’t pay no stylist, I buy everything on resale (Yeah)
If he run up on me, I’ma give his ass a hot shell (Brrt)
Yeah, with a hot shell, straight to your ass like hotmail (Lil Purpp)

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