Smug Mang – Never Drugged Enough Lyrics

Smug World
Smug Mang, Smug ENT bitch

Who got the killer? Man roll it up (roll that shit up)
GGG fan high as f*ck (I’m high as f*ck)
Smokin’ blunts, could give a f*ck (could give a f*ck)
Four different out there be whats up (that be what’s up)
Can we just young f*ck ups (we f*cked up)
Wake up then we get up (that right, that right)
Shit it’s always time to turn up (we turn’t up)
Most the times but man I’m slurred up (we leanin’ bars)
Bae came through, she hold me down (she been a bitch)

Studio addict [?] (I’ll repeat that)
Weed and lean gon’ tell I’m sicker (I can hear in style)
With my dirty sprite so pour me up (atleast a four)
Call it drank drivin’, pullin’ up when I’m pullin’ up
Swerve, swerve, swerve
Smugga Mang, you okay? (you okay?)
Smugga Mang, you okay? (you okay?)
Smugga Mang they never [?]
Smugga Mang what the f*ck you say?
Smugga Mang you stay f*cked up
Damn right
Smugga Mang middle finger to the haters
Ayy, f*ck y’all

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