Smug Mang – S.G.H.S. Lyrics (feat. Xavier Wulf)

[Hook x8]
Smug God, Hollow Squad

[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf]
Everything y’all do is on some fake shit
I try to stay cool but I can’t take this
Sometimes I get so mad I don’t say shit
But that’s over now I want to wreck shit
These niggas lie so much I don’t trust shit
Play with me, I change the whole subject
You rap niggas just a bunch of damn puppets
You foolish, y’all some losers
Bitch I’m getting paid off YouTube shit
Damn I appreciate these honors
You haters talking shit in my comments
But everytime you do I make a dollar
Please come again more often
Damn I’m eatin’ good off a profit
Hating me will only leave you starving
I’m smoking while the waitress take my order


[Verse 2: Smug Mang]

Smug Mang came up in that f*cking Rez Life
Where I’m from ye you know that be that Smug Life
And I already know that I ain’t living right
But it’s my life, yeah that’s real life
And you know I see all these f*cking real lies
I have real eyes and that shit’s whack
You gon’ realize all these downers
They got me paralyzed, and I work my whole life
For Smug Music Enterprise, yeah that Smug Mang
He on the uprise so don’t act surprised
Smug always f*cking high
And I need them drugs just to get by, just to get by
And when they all gone I feel like I could die
So gone off these Xan and the lean
You could see the pain in my eyes
All these drugs, I’m hypnotized
All these drugs, I’m hypnotized


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