Social Club Misfits – Sky Lanterns Lyrics (feat. Marissa Jerome)

[Intro: Marissa Jerome]
They don't understand us, yeah
We don't look down, just up, yeah
Rise, we're fallin'
You know the tension is growin'
And everybody be hopin' that we just turn to ashes
Don't think we got it, they countin' on us to drop it
But we burn bright cause we know it
They hopin' we turn back like

[Hook: Marissa Jerome]
We ain't like the world, we just livin' in the world like
Just let us do our thing
Killin' darkness as we speak, so
Ah-oh-ah-oh, we light up
Ah-oh-ah-oh, and look up
Ah-oh-ah-oh, just love, love, like
I'ma rise up in the end, what's the point of fitting in?

[Verse 1: Fern]
Yeah, really started from the bottom, from the bottom (sure did)
I told Rey and Marty that we got 'em, we got 'em, yeah
HillaryJane over Hillary Rodham, Hillary Rodham, yeah
The new school is here to take over the building and rearrange it
To re-decorate it
They see us, they think that we made it
But we keep it humble, save time on a spaceship
Used to flip rounds with myself, I was faded
Fifteen minutes, I was very creative
I knew that one day I would make it, that I would make it!
Cause I ain't tryna 35, broke and naked
So this is that flow that be tellin' them rappers that started rapping yesterday that it's over
Mind you we're north in the month of October
And Jersey, they picked us up in a Range Rover
Really started from the middle, it's crazy

Cause my flow since day one been amazing
But the favor of God is upon us
The only reason why we're killin' it, honest

[Verse 2: Martymar]
Been like this since I was just a kid
And I was runnin' with friends I knew for years
By the nickname and not the government
We definin' what ugly is, cause I never was a fan of the publishin'
All the magazines and the photoshop
Defend my city like I'm RoboCop
And hear the, bap-bap!
And I call the cops
And I just respond, I don't call the shots
I just follow God, I don't think too much
Cause if I do, that I might think it's us
And I'm all black in my fitted tux
Never been the type just to live it up
I want my family straight and my mom good
And if we could beat the odds then you should
I mean, I know what I'm doin', I know what I'm doin'
I know what I need
Doin' my thing, I'm doin' my thing for nobody to see
Cause nobody cares, nobody cares until they believe
Just follow your heart, follow your heart until you succeed

[Outro: Marissa Jerome]
We too busy shinin'
Like a diamond we never crack under pressure
Release us to the sky with the light as our disguise
Like a thousand sky lanterns ignite the night like ah-oh-ah-oh
Like ah-oh-ah-oh
Ignite the night like ah-oh-ah-oh, like ah-oh-ah-oh
Ignite the night like ah-oh-ah-oh, like ah-oh-ah-oh
Like a thousand sky lanterns

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